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Another newbie


Just (like about 30 seconds ago) joined the community. And like the previous newbie - I'm a major Xena fan.

Witchblade was never shown on "normal" tv over here - only on a pay satellite channel so I missed it the first time around. I would have watched it had I known it was on because I was always a fan of the comics. Caught it in re-runs and liked season one - thought season two was disappointing to say the least.

The thing that really made me a fan of the show was Yancy (I never said I wasn't shallow *g*).

Don't know if the dvds will be available here (the UK) but if they are I'll buy them.

But only one set.

I have Xena on tape, UK dvd, US dvd (extras & commentary that never appeared on the UK versions) and if they produce it in HD or blu-ray I'll buy those too... obsession?? What obsession??

Oh yeah - I still buy the Witchblade comics... and I'll be up for the movies... even without Yancy...
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